Mame for non Jailbroken iPhones

Hi there,

a small post to inform that the project iMame4All now can be compiled and installed on non-Jailbroken iPhones thanks to a small modification i did on the original project shared by seleuco. Currently this branch of the project does not support the WiiMote since the libBTstack library cannot be installed on non-Jailbroken iPhones. Also the sound routine is broken (yet on the original iMame4all).

To install this app on your iPhone you need a Developer License. Next you have to:

  1. download libBTstack via SVN and compile it for iPhone;
  2. go into the src dir of libBTstack and execute: ar rcs *.o libBTstack2.a *.o; thus you will have a static library of libBTstack;
  3. download the XCode Project from here;
  4. configure the Linker options of the project to include the libBTstack2.a directory;
  5. build the project directly on a real iOS device and not on iPhone/iPad simulator.

Now you can upload your ROMs through iTunes Shared Documents (you have to use the mame ROMs modified for iMame4All. Use clrmamepro to fix other versions).

Enjoy playing MAME on your iPhone/iPad!!